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Shorefront Development, Galle City

Coast Conservation Department has already taken initiatives on proactive approaches for stabilization and development of shorelines with added values for the coastal resources, resulting economic gains for the local communities and opportunities for coastal investors. As a “Marine City”, the Galle City coastal areas are much important in the contest of current maritime developments based economic approaches. Hence the Galle Coastal areas have being developed with increased shoreline infrastructure and enhanced landscape & seascape for tourist attraction for leisure and recreation, while reducing the risk of coastal erosion and other hazards.

In the “Shoreline Management Plan, Galle City”, potentials at each segment of coast have been identified, and activities have been introduced accordingly. Shorelines, beaches, near shore and coastal lands have been designed to suite with the proposed activities. The city shoreline has divided in to three zones and is proposed to develop in three stages.

“Marine Walk”      -  Stage 1
-    Baladaksha Mawatha, Rathgama wella, Marine Drive, Naval Base
Stage 1 is partially completed at the cost of Rs. 72 millions.

“Shore Ride”      -  Stage 2
-    Mahamodara, Kaluwella, Hilltop, Butterfly Bridge
Stage 2 detail designs and estimation have been completed and constructions have been commenced with the assistance of Sri Lanka Navy.

“Highway Drop”    -  Stage 3
-    Port Entrance, Devata, Rumassala
Stage 3 will be coupled with habour development project.

Added Features are

  • Stable Beaches
  • Shore Protections for Sea Erosion
  • Green Landscape & Diverse Seascapes
  • Human Friendly Ocean Environments
  • Connecting Foot Walks & Bike Rides
  • Ocean Walk Decks
  • Ocean Pools
  • Stepped Docks for Performing
  • Children Play Areas
  • Beach Volleyball & Play Areas
  • Rock Garden
  • Street Furniture & Shelters for Leisure & Resting
  • Flying Ocean Auditorium
  • Anchors for Eco & Open Sea Boating
  • Leisure Fishing Spots
  • Picture Points
  • Scenery Windows & Viewing Decks
  • Picnic Drops
  • Ocean Bazaar
  • Caravan Shop Bays
  • Food Courts & Kiosks
  • Flying Ocean Food Deck
  • Wash Rooms and Common Utilities
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Information Centers
  • Life Guard, Safety & Security

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